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Khrys Vaughan, PMP, SCSP

Strategist, Creator, Disruptor

My vision & life's mission is for women become all they were created to be and step into place. I work with multi-passionate womenpreneurs to gain clarity and structure their vision so they can have the impact they are destined to.

This website contains more about me, current projects and queries. Hover for details and involvement. ***Updates in progress.***

Khrys Vaughan, PMP, SCSP | Multi-passionate Strategist, Author


Updates in progress...
Better harnessing the power of multi-passionate mission-driven womenpreneurs.
Catalyst Media - Coming Soon! Changing the perception of what it means to be Christian+Female+Business Owner
COH Summit - Queries open soon
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"Accept where you are as the norm, or fight for something different."

- Khrys Vaughan -