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You are a Multi-passionate Womenpreneur. You want to gain clarity and harness your unique power so you can structure your vision & have the impact you are destined to.
You are in the right place.

Khrys Vaughan, PMP, SCSP | Multi-passionate Strategist, Author

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"Khrys’ outstanding ability to relate, inspire and support has not only helped my organisation to grow with clarity and vision, but also rooted me deeply as a woman to grow towards the light of my true self. Finding alignment between self-identity and businesses we create is what the world needs, and Khrys does it so effortlessly and gracefully."

- Rui Lui -

Khrys Vaughan, Ticker News-Australia

The time you've been waiting for is Now.

The pandemic didn't change your destiny. It opened a path for you to pursue it. Today’s issues are multifaceted, requiring unique perspectives, those accustomed to working with moving pieces, multiple components, & unafraid to tread unfamiliar territory. It could not be a better time. But, harnessing your unique power & structuring your vision are key to unlocking the solutions within you & the impact you were destined to have. You were made for such a time as this. Resonate? Click to learn more.

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"Accept where you are as the norm, or fight for something different."

- Khrys Vaughan -

I am Khrys Vaughan!

Multi-passionate Strategist

I work with mission-driven womenpreneurs to harness their unique power, gain clarity to structure their visions, & unlock solutions inside them so they can have the impact they’re destined to. My vision is for women to become all they were created to be and step into their place. I view business as a calling & way to do so exponentially, becoming catalysts for much greater things.

Their expression differed, but my common threads have always been Strength, Faith, & Women. I strongly believe in sisterhood, our capacity to be our own solutions, & that opportunity need not be dependent upon milestones. Business is an ideal vehicle for this, and great things that happen when women gather.

I look forward to working with you to create the more you always knew was possible, a plan to get it, & a vision for yourself as great as the one you have for your business.

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Khrys Vaughan, PMP, SCSP | Multi-passionate Strategist, Author
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